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6-in-1 QUANTADOSE® Multi-Wavelength Bi-Luminescent UVA/UVB/UVC/Far-UVC Light Reusable Professional UV Test Card
  • There is no other UV test card like this with all new capabilities using tri-color dispersion in the worldÔÇÖs only reusable bi-luminescent (Two Color) instant wavelength indicator that distinguishes between artificial sources of longwave UVA and shortwave UVC light with a residual third color shade of purple indicating UV intensity in 15 seconds
  • WHILE UNDER UV LIGHT: The longwave analyte is sensitive to artificial sources of 300-395nm UVA/UVB light, which before exposure is clear, while under a Longwave UV source will glow in the range of red to red-pink in color. Perfect for testing 365nm/395nm UV flashlights and professional nail gel UV lights
  • WHILE UNDER UV LIGHT: The shortwave analyte is sensitive to artificial sources of 220-275nm UVC light, which before exposure is clear, while under a Shortwave UVC source will glow in the range of Green to Yellow-lime in color. Instantly indicates when UVGI wavelengths are present
  • AFTER UV EXPOSURE: Photochromic dosimeter strip uses a wide-band UV analyte sensitive to artificial or natural sources of light between 200-400nm UVA/UVB/UVC, which before exposure is clear, after exposure displays shades of purple. Perfect for testing the intensity of anything UV including UVB reptile lights, with instant notification when unsafe wavelengths are present
  • AFTER UV EXPOSURE: UVGI Intensity Test -- Center circle will display the letters UV for a brief amount of time (3-15 seconds) which confirms power is above 300 microwatts when exposed to 254nm UVC light.

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