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Stencil1 Astronaut Stencil, 5.7 x 6 inches | Reusable Stencils, Space Hollow, Portable Paper, Cartoon, DIY for Wall Makeover
  • THE QUALITY OF STENCIL1: Stencil1 was born from a tradition of handmade customized crafting, painting, and creating. With a lifetime of DIY experience creating stencils and art, we started a business bringing the highest quality stencils to homes across the USA!
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE DESIGNED FOR ARTS, CRAFTS, AND DECOR: Our Astronaut Stencil is made of premium, durable, high-quality Mylar material. With easy-to-use instructions, your designs will have high-quality, clean lines with no bleeding! Use on paper, walls, canvas, wood, T-shirts, and more!
  • MULTIPLE USES: This stencil can be used on a variety of surfaces, such as canvas, wood, walls, flooring, skin, plastic, glass, metal, fabric, & more! Additionally, the flexibility of our stencils let you print on either flat OR curved media.
  • INSTRUCTIONS: Position the stencil on your desired surface, securing it firmly in place with masking tape, spray adhesive, or something similar of your choice. When using spray adhesive, apply a light layer to the back of the stencil until the surface becomes tacky, and then position the stencil. Next, fill in the stencil with a minimal amount of paint using a brush for smaller designs, or a foam roller for larger stencils. Finally, carefully lift the stencil and admire your work!
  • CLEAN UP: When you’re finished stenciling, gently clean your stencil and other materials with regular soap and warm water to ensure your stencils will last a lifetime!

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