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eFond Cheesecloth, 9 Square Feet Grade 100 Cheese Cloths for Straining Reusable, Washable, Lint Free and Ultra Fine Mesh Unbleached Pure Cotton Cheese Cloths for Cooking with Hemmed 2 Edges (1 Yard)
  • Ultra Fine Mesh - This is a Grade 100 cheesecloth has high thread count(56x41), which is the finest mesh filter available. Compared with grade 90,60 and 50, it is the best cheese cloths for straining nut milk, butter, fruit and other smaller impurities.
  • Cheese Cloths With Hemmed 2 Edges - Unlike traditional cheese cloths with raw edges, this cheesecloth uses a new type of machine to press up the long edges to be smooth edges and keep the short edges raw. It can effectively reduce the shedding of lint threads after cutting.
  • 100% Natural Cotton - This is a cheesecloth made of natural pure cotton, not bleached, so the color of the cloth is beige. The unbleached cloth will not have a chemical smell, only the natural cotton smell.
  • Cuttable as Needed - All hemmed cheesecloth is not suitable for on-demand cutting, as that would cut the carefully sewn threads of the artisan and cause the hem to fall apart. This hemmed 2 edges cheesecloth can be cut freely to the size you need.
  • One Cloth For Multiple Uses - This cheesecloth can be cut freely on demand. It can be used for drying goat milk, making soup bags and tea bags, canning, roasting turkeys, and also for table runner, decorating weddings and Halloween. Please choose the size of the cloth according to your needs.

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Look at our WASHABLE REUSABLE YOGURT STRAINER selection and join our zero waste movement! Every single-use product that you refuse to use, can make a small but important difference in the world.


Reusable products help in decreasing land pollution, aquatic pollution, and environmental degradation. They contribute to an overall eco-friendly alternative, this solves the problem of plastic alongside with being convenient for the people.


If you don’t see a WASHABLE REUSABLE YOGURT STRAINER New Release list, it’s because Amazon doesn’t provide it to us. Please accept our apologies.

Instead, we will present a list of a variety of reusable products. We hope to meet your expectations.

Some Tips about Reusable

A couple weeks ago, I made a pledge to myself to be as environmentally conscious as possible, which meant making changes to some of my daily routines. I had long ago gotten into the habit of using WASHABLE REUSABLE YOGURT STRAINER.

The world is facing a catastrophe when it comes to the disposal of waste. Most of the world’s waste consists of plastic bags, bottles, and other plastic packaging. Change the way you shop, buy sustainable.

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